Executive Airshare rebrands as Airshare and launches new website


Airshare rebrand

Lenexa, Kan. – Executive AirShare embarks upon a new era of providing the most cost-effective option in private aviation for both business and leisure customers, officially rebranding the company as Airshare. The new name represents the company’s desire to aggressively expand their client base by attracting more leisure customers, in addition to increasing recall among their core business targets. The evolution of the brand reaffirms Airshare’s commitment to shareowners in delivering greater productivity at a lower cost per hour the more they fly.

Airshare’s new logo combines a contemporary wordmark with an iconic stylised aircraft. The colour palette features a similar rich blue from the original mark, complemented by old gold as a secondary colour, representing luxury and elegance. The plane’s eagle wings honour the heritage of the company’s previous logo, which incorporated an eagle’s beak within the centre of the mark. The negative space in the slits between wing feathers symbolises the core attributes of the brand – strength, vision and trust. The aircraft ascends in front of a gold-coloured ring, evoking Airshare’s unique days-based programme, which gives shareowners the entire day’s use of their plane instead of the limiting hours provided by competitive services. Airshare flies its customers any time, day or night.

“While we are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished throughout our history, we felt strongly we needed new branding to emphasise the incredible growth opportunity ahead of us,” Airshare President and CEO John Owen says. “Our new name and logo essentially reflect a new mind-set for the company. We are going to be more vigorous in promoting Airshare as the ideal private aviation programme for businesses, as well as leisure customers.”

“The name change is a natural transition for the brand, but also a means for changing perceptions of the company among current and future customers,” Chief Marketing Officer Andy Tretiak says. “We have a great story to tell through our days-based model and unparalleled customer experience. Our visual identity needed to be more effective in supporting our value proposition and increasing awareness of our brand.”

Prospective customers can learn more about Airshare’s fractional programme and fleet at FlyAirshare.com, the company’s new website. Users can research costs by using the site’s interactive estimator, which factors in round-trip flights, average flight times and the company’s flexible interchange program. Shareowners can also create more efficiency by selecting the right-size aircraft, either the Embraer Phenom 100 or Phenom 300. Both aircraft offer the same level of comfort and style.

For the first time, Airshare has one brand to encompass all of its services, bringing its charter, management and maintenance departments under the same roof as its fractional operations. Airshare recently received a Platinum rating, the highest offered, from ARGUS International after a thorough safety audit of its charter operations. The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) also renewed its Stage 2 certification, verifying Airshare’s high management standards and practices.

“Airshare has made incredible strides in recent months,” says Owen. “We’ve answered the demand for greater travel options in the Rocky Mountain region by expanding service to Denver. We’ve taken delivery of a new, technologically advanced Embraer Phenom 300E, becoming the nation’s first fractional provider to add this next-generation light jet to its fleet. The new branding continues the momentum our company is currently experiencing and positions us very well for the future.”