Executive Aircraft Maintenance expands Phoenix facility services to focus on larger aircraft


Executive Aircraft Maintenance Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ – February 12, 2019 – Executive Aircraft Maintenance (EAM) of Phoenix, Arizona recently completed a 48 and 96-month inspection on an Embraer Legacy 600 managed by Swift Aircraft Management. In addition to the extensive inspection, EAM also installed ADS-B on the aircraft. The inspection and installation took over 2,000 hours and was completed on time and budget by EAM’s skilled mechanics and support team.

“It was crucial for us to keep the downtime of the aircraft to a minimum,” said President and CEO of EAM, Jeff Coffman. “We were able to work closely with Swift to ensure the parts and squawk approval process ran smoothly and efficiently.”

The inspection, typically requiring 4-7 weeks of downtime, included removing the interior, large exterior fairings, landing gear, flight controls, wing leading edges, and flaps. EAM’s advanced planning, experienced technicians, and 40,000 sq. feet of available hangar space allowed for the project to be completed with as little downtime as possible for the aircraft.

“Working with EAM on this inspection and installation of our Legacy 600 was seamless and the team got the job done on time. With our Legacy already in maintenance, we combined the ADS-B installation at the same time which made the entire process efficient and convenient,” said Kevin Burdette, V.P. of Swift.

EAM’s Legacy base maintenance services include 48, 96, and 144-month inspections, corrosion prevention, replacement of major components, complete ADS-B installation, and complete interior refurbishment.

“With our new business model and larger hangar, EAM is re-focused on maintaining larger airframes. We are excited for these opportunities to facilitate the Legacy community and put our skilled technicians to work on their airplanes,” said Jorge Gonzalez, V.P. of Operations at EAM.

Executive Aircraft Maintenance (EAM) offers a broad array of both Commercial, Business, and General Aviation airframe maintenance, inspections, modifications, and avionics solutions ranging from simple installations to full cockpit retrofits. Located in Phoenix, AZ, EAM serves customers from all 50 states, Canada and Mexico.