ExecuJet South Africa secures SAAF contract


Company will continue to provide maintenance support to the South African Air force VIP Squadron

ExecuJet South Africa
has announced that The South African Air Force has awarded a maintenance
contract for product support services for its fleet of Dassault Falcon

ExecuJet had been providing the South African Air
Force (SAAF) VIP Squadron with maintenance support for their fleet of aircraft
for the past 13 years. “ExecuJet built a good relationship with the SAAF and
ARMSCOR (Armaments Corporation of South Africa Ltd) and we have developed a
very keen understanding of the constraints, processes and procedures that drive
the day to day business in support of the SAAF.” says Steve Bothma, maintenance
director of ExecuJet South Africa.

ExecuJet was the approved maintenance service provider
for the SAAF Falcon fleet for 13 years until August 2010. During this period
ExecuJet made substantial investment in personnel and equipment to ensure
continuity of the high level of service demanded by the SAAF, while also
exploiting opportunities to reduce the cost of ownership of the Falcon fleet.
ExecuJet has now regained the contract for a period of five years. ExecuJet
will now support all of the SAAF VIP Squadron.

“ExecuJet is proud and honoured to have been selected
as the preferred supplier and awarded this opportunity. We look forward to
supporting the VIP fleet once more and further strengthening our relationship
with the SAAF and Armscor,” says Mr Stephen Paddy, sales and marketing director
for ExecuJet South Africa.