ExecuJet Dubai gain FAR 145 approvals


ExecuJet in Dubai has been awarded FAA FAR 145 approvals. The company can now provide maintenance for US N registered aircraft from its UAE facility.

  • With ExecuJet, Luxaviation is halfway along Patrick Hansen’s plan
  • As well as now being able to undertake heavy base maintenance and non destructive testing inspections, the company is also able to offer work away from its Dubai base.

    “Our operating rules have always been governed by the regulatory guidance from the FAA so it is a great pleasure for our maintenance and safety standards to be formally certified. Sound maintenance is the foundation for a safe and efficient aviation industry and receiving this certificate not only shows our commitment to this fact, but also ensures that “N” Registered aircraft operating within the region obtain the desired support.” said Nick Weber, maintenance director at ExecuJet Middle East