EXCLUSIVE: Quorem could add up to 6% to turnover for operators


Quorem, a new product for private jet operators, is set to add 3%-6% of turnover to the bottom line.

The launch is part of its partnership with Chris Hagan, founder and chairman of international cinema software company, Unique X. Hagan and Quorem founder Phil Brockwell aim to develop a suite of commercial solutions aimed at improving profitability, sustainability, and scalability for private jet operators.

Brockwell told Corporate Jet Investor (CJI) he has had the idea for six years. “Every year I thought somebody would come up with it, but nobody did. So I did it myself,” he said.

The company is currently in pre-launch testing. It is using data from UK-based operator Catreus fed into an artificial intelligence-driven workflow tool, in order to optimize commercial strategies from the point of sale.

Four more operators are also interested in the platform, said Brockwell. “We’re already getting signups for the demo two-month trials.”

The strategies will aim to increase profit and reduce inefficient ferry flight which are a source of unnecessary carbon emissions, according to the company.

Quorem has been working since January 2020 to develop a unique poly-algorithmic scoring feature that defines and analyses valuable opportunities from thousands of flight requests and uses engaging data visualization and gamification.

Brockwell told CJI it will target European operators for now, before its next step to set up in America early next year.

The platform is currently built for fleets sized between four and 30 aircraft, he said. “We would have to tweak the front end to work with bigger operators in the US,” said Brockwell.

It is already able to integrate with Leon, Avinode and Schedaero.

“Quorem makes it easy and fun to be better and has justifiable environmental benefits,” according to Brockwell.