European flight activity is down again


TAG Farnborough Airport in the UK.

European business aviation flight activity in February 2015 was down 4.4 per cent year-on-year, according to the latest data from German data research and consultancy company WINGX Advance.

The company states in its latest Business Aviation Monitor, that February 2015 saw the fewest number of business aviation flights that any February since 2010, and 20 percent fewer flights than in February 2008.

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The problems in Russia and the Ukraine continue to bring down European statistics, with both countries losing a combined 1,400 flights year-on-year. Flights to and from Germany were also down by 750 year-on-year, which the company says is indirectly linked to the problems in Russia and the Ukraine.

Overall, Russia saw a 34 percent decrease in flights to Europe, while flights to Eastern Europe dropped by 22 percent.

Turkish flight activity also dropped by 11 percent, whilst smaller decreases between the Middle East and the USA of five percent were recorded.

Flights from China into Europe dropped off the map, halving the amount of flights compared to the same month the previous year.

“Germany was the major disappointment this month, mostly in domestic travel, particularly in jet charter. This suggests that business customers are staying away. The big decline for Switzerland is probably a currency issue. And the continued unravelling of demand for business aviation in Russia and neighbouring countries reflects the deteriorating geopolitical crisis and sanctions effect. The Russia effect best explains the notable decrease in large jet activity this year, even with Gulfstream and Bombardier aircraft much less active,” says Richard Koe, managing director of WINGX Advance.