European flight activity continues to decline in September


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There were 4.3% fewer business aviation flights in September 2015, versus the same period in 2014.

According to WINGX Advance’s September Business Aviation Monitor, there were significant drops in flight activity in key business aviation markets in western Europe.

The steepest drop was in the UK, where an eight percent year-on-year drop was recorded, with similar declines also seen in Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

The steepest drops in activity were seen in Russia, Turkey and Estonia, with all three countries seeing double digit declines.

Whilst most of Europe saw a slow down in activity, there were a few countries where the flight activity has risen.
Iceland, Portugal and the former Eastern bloc countries helped Europe’s activity trend for 2015 to be -1.4%.

“Business aviation activity in Europe relapsed this month. The decline in the CIS market continued to sap the market, but in addition, flight activity was significantly down in the UK, Switzerland, Italy and Spain in September. This may reflect the torrid financial markets and the darkening prospects for the global economy in the last couple of months. The summer´s leisure activity has also been softer this year. There are still a few bright spots. Ultra-long range activity continues to grow, the super-midsize segment is reinvigorated with new aircraft, and the Phenom light jets are in great demand.” says the report.

All but four of Europe’s top 20 business aviation airports have also seen declines year-on-year, with the steepest drop in activity outside of Russia seen at Stuttgart.

The Germany city has now seen 22% few flights year-on-year, with Paris Le Bourget following close behind with a 19% drop in activity.

Driving the declines in activity were fewer flights by chartered heavy jets. These saw a 15% drop in September, which contributed to a 20% year-on-year decline.

At the opposite end of the scale, the resurgence in very light jet activity started loosing steam, with the category starting to see declines again.