Eurocopter X3 team wins Howard Hughes award


The American Helicopter Society has awarded the Eurocopter X3 development team the Howard Hughes award for outstanding improvement in helicopter technology

Eurocopter X3 AHS awardThe Eurocopter X3 team was presented
with the award at the AHS’ 68th Annual Forum in Fort Worth, Texas.

Accepting the American
Helicopter Society International’s Howard Hughes award for helicopter
technology improvement was Jean-Jacques Ferrier, the company’s Innovation vice
president, and his team who joined Eurocopter president and chief executive
Bertling at the event.

“The American Helicopter
Society’s award is a true recognition of the men and women who are making
Eurocopter’s vision for our industry’s future a reality today,” said Lutz
Bertling. “It also provides a highly appropriate opportunity for Eurocopter to
formally announce our all-American tour with the X3 beginning next month, which
will enable both the U.S.
military and civil operators the opportunity to see – and fly – this truly
remarkable aircraft.”

The company announced that
the aircraft will be making a tour of the United
States and will be making several stopovers including the
American Eurocopter headquarters at Grand Praire in Texas.

“It is important for
Eurocopter to provide a first-hand experience for future potential U.S.
users with our hybrid helicopter concept, which opens exciting new horizons in
operations by delivering cruise speeds 50 percent faster than standard
helicopters at very affordable costs allowing for significant increases in
mission productivity,” Bertling added.

Photograph (from left to
right): Mr Phil Dunford from Boeing who offered the
award to Mr Lutz Bertling, Eurocopter’s President
and CEO and
 (the X3
Team): Jean-Jacques Ferrier, Philippe Roesch, Daniel Semioli, Jérôme Geneix and
Jean-Michel Billig.

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