Eurocopter appoints Stéphane Chéry as head of international media relations


Stéphane Chéry appointed as head of intnational media relations at Eurocopter.

Stephane CheryEurocopter  has appointed Stéphane Chéry as head of international nmedia relations. His appointment begins on 1 February 2011. He replaces and will report directly to Cécile Vion-Lanctuit, who was appointed vice president of corporate communications in May 2010.

Stéphane Chéry, was a partner at Publicis Consultants. He joined the agency in May 2005 and, among other responsibilities, managed its change communication and press relations teams.

Over the last few years he has directed numerous media campaigns for clients including Carrefour, Air France, Nestlé, Velux, Eurocopter, and also for local and national government entities.

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