Eurocopter delivers two EC225s


Eurocopter delivers two EC225 helicopters to Héli-Union for off-shore operations

Eurocopter has delivered two
EC225 helicopters to Héli-Union, the aircraft will be used by the company for
off-shore oil and gas operations.

“With its superior range and
payload, the EC225 is tailored to perform the most demanding offshore missions
and will enable us to meet our customers’ evolving needs”, said Patrick Molis,
chairman, chief exrcutive and managing director of the Compagnie Nationale de
Navigation (CNN), Héli-Union’s parent company. “These deliveries confirm the
successful five-decade partnership between Héli-Union and Eurocopter. We are
looking forward to the next chapter of our cooperation.”

Héli-Union’s current fleet
of 30 helicopters includes Eurocopter AS350, EC145, AS365, AS332 and now the
new EC225. In addition, the company has also ordered four of Eurocopter’s
brand-new EC175s, for which deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2013.

“Eurocopter and Héli-Union
benefit from a long-standing cooperation, which allows for the optimal sharing
of experiences and know-how,” said Eurocopter president and chief executive
officer Lutz Bertling. “Our technical and commercial teams stand ready to
support Héli-Union’s growth into new regions around the world. By integrating
the EC225 into your fleet, you will benefit from an aircraft that has become
the reference for oil and gas missions, offering an outstanding performance for
the challenging environments in which you operate.”

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