Equinox Charter earns ARGUS Certified Charter Broker rating 


Equinox Charter has earned ARGUS’, Air Charter Association endorsed, Certified Charter Broker rating. 

The ARGUS Certification ensures Equinox follows correct procedures in risk mitigation and due diligence for any charter mission.

Elliot Bottomley, MD, Equinox Charter, said: “We are thrilled at Equinox Charter to have achieved ARGUS Certified status. This accreditation goes beyond just a mark, it is proof that the way we conduct business on behalf of our clients is of the highest standards. We may be a small organisation, however we’re big on service and charter safety will always remain our top priority as we look forward to continuing to serve our diverse pool of clients.”

To achieve ARGUS Certified status, Equinox had to undergo a face-to-face onsite ARGUS audit of company data, documentation, and practices in three key areas: Organisation and management, brokerage operations, and customer considerations. Also Equinox needed to have an approved and fully functioning Operations Manual. Here, the firm needs to demonstrate exactly how internal bookings and operations procedures work.

Ed Wandall, vice president, ARGUS International, said: “The ARGUS Certified Broker program was designed to identify and promote leaders in the Air Charter Broker Industry. We certainly found that with the Equinox Charter team. During our on-site audit, Equinox displayed deep industry knowledge, care for the environment and a robust due diligence program designed to pair quality flight providers with their discriminating clientele. We are honoured to award them ARGUS Certified Broker status.”

ARGUS has a rating system for operators, which demonstrates adherence to an internationally recognised standard while indicating performance compared to competitors. Ratings have three levels — Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum.

Bottomley added: “Part of our job is to provide our clients with assurance – when a client comes to us for an aircraft, they want to feel safe in the knowledge that we know what we are doing and are providing safe, reputable, and reliable options. If an operator has not been used before, our clients need to know appropriate checks are conducted accordingly.”

Kevin Ducksbury, chairman, The Air Charter Association, added: “The Air Charter Association, of which Equinox is an active member, continuously pushes for safe and legal charter. Saturday 21st January marked the second ‘Fly Legal Day’, a campaign established in 2022 as part of a drive to stop illegal charters, still a huge problem for the private aviation industry. ARGUS accreditation supports a commitment to provide safe and legal operators only.”