Enstrom achieves CAAC type certification for 480B helicopter


With certification the company delivers the first 480B helicopter to China

Enstrom 480BEnstrom Helicopter has recently received
CAAC civil type certification of the 480B turbine helicopter in China.

CAAC officials visited the Enstrom’s factory
before certification was granted. “We’ve had a good relationship with the CAAC
going all the way back to our first aircraft certifications in the mid 90s.
It’s always a pleasure to work with them,” said Bill Taylor Enstrom’s director
of engineering. “We are excited to be adding China to the long list of countries
the 480B is certified in.”

“With the expected growth in the Chinese
market, this couldn’t have come at a better time,” commented Tracy Biegler Enstrom’s
director of sales and marketing.

He continued “We’ve already seen that the
480B’s rugged design, low cost, and flexibility are popular with Chinese
customers. Now that the certification hurdle has been cleared, those customers
can move forward with confidence on acquiring new aircraft.”

Soon after certification Enstrom delivered
the first Chinese 480B to long time customer Wuhan Helicopters.