Embraer powers on Legacy 450/500 Iron Bird


Embraer powers on the Legacy 450/500 Iron Bird test facility. The equipment will validate fly-by-wire flight controls and other intergrated systems.

“powered on” the Legacy 450/500 flight controls integrated test facility, known
as the Iron Bird. The facility integrates the equipment and components of the
fly-by-wire flight controls, avionics, hydraulics and several other system
interfaces of the new midlight Legacy 450 and midsize Legacy 500 executive

Embraer accomplished a significant milestone for the Legacy 450/500 program,
and I would like to congratulate the team for this achievement,”
Humberto Pereira, Embraer Vice President, Engineering, Executive Jets. “The
Iron Bird is an important test facility for fly-by-wire development, because it
allows the validation of proper systems integration and contributes to greater
aircraft maturity when it enters service.”

Legacy 450/500 Iron Bird has been developed by Embraer in a partnership with
Parker, which supplies the flight control system. It features a fully equipped
cockpit with the actual hardware of an airplane installation. In a very
automated environment, not only flight controls and systems integration are
tested, but the platform can also be connected to the Full Authority Digital
Engine Control (FADEC) and aircraft electrical system, which have their own
dedicated test facilities. The Iron Bird allows pilots to be a part of the
tests through an integrated aerodynamic model and visual system.

Legacy 450/500 development program is advancing at a steady pace. The first
flight of the Legacy 500 is on schedule for the second half of 2011.

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