Embraer to start Legacy 600/650 production line in China


Embraer and AVIC have entered into an agreement to start a final assembly line in China

Embraer  have
announced that they have signed a framework agreement with AVIC (Aviation
Industry Corporation of China) aiming
to implement a Legacy 600/650 production line in China, using the
infrastructure, financial
resources and workforce of their joint venture company Harbin Embraer Aircraft Industry Company (HEAI).

In the next
few weeks the parties shall finalise the details of the project and execute the relevant documentation.

Embraer and AVIC recognize the rapid growth of the
Chinese executive aviation market and are encouraged with the potential of the
Legacy 600/650 to fulfill the requirements of this market.

Embraer’s corporate presence in the PRC dates back
from the year 2000, and there are more than 80 Embraer aircraft currently
operated in Greater China.

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