Embraer partners with DHL for global logistics


Embraer Executive Jets have teamed up with DHL for its global parts distribution.

The companies worked together to build a global logistics model that streamlines the distribution of parts worldwide.

“We have been continuously improving our customers’ experience in all aspects, thanks to relevant actions taken in process quality and support infrastructure,” said Waldir Gonçalves, senior vice president of customer support and services, Embraer Executive Jets. “I’m glad that DHL will join us for this unparalleled new global logistics model for business aviation to keep Embraer among the highest-ranked companies in customer support and services.”

The agreement means that DHL will be able to offer overnight delivery on Embraer spare parts, even if the the request comes in late in the day.

An integrated IT solution will offer improved real-time tracking.

“We are proud of our role in ensuring a best-in-class experience for Embraer’s customers globally.” said Peter Bonte, vice president global business development service parts logistics, DHL Supply Chain. “Our strategic partnership reinforces our expertise and offering for the Aviation and Aerospace industry, where we recognize the importance of a truly responsive service logistics solution. Our flexible global network allowed us to locate facilities where Embraer needs them, ensuring the right parts are in the right place at all times.”