Embraer joins with ELTA for AEW Praetor 600


Embraer has announced that it is jointly developing an Airborne Early Warning (AEW) version of its new Praetor 600 business jet. The company has joined with ELTA, a subsidiary of Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) that has previously worked with Gulfstream on AEW versions of the Gulfstream G550.

The Praetor 600 will be the smallest application of the ELTA AEW system. The primary sensor will be the jointly developed IAI / ELTA 4th generation Digital Active Scanned Array (AESA) radar, which includes built-in IFF capabilities.

IFF is an acronym for Identification, Friend or Foe. The system works by sending out a unique transponder signal and, in return, listens out for other transponder signals, which allows it to identify if a target is friendly or not. The IFF system can also determine the bearing and range of a target.

Embraer says that the Praetor 600 AEW can help with extended air coverage outside of ground radar coverage and alongside AEW missions, the aircraft will also be able to fly command-and-control, territorial-defense and maritime-surveillance missions.

Alongside AEW and IFF, the Praetor 600 AEW can also be configured with electronic signal monitoring. Using Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM) and Electronic (signal) Intelligence (ELINT), the Praetor 600 AEW will be able to gather and analyse electronic signals, giving it the ability to launch electronic attacks and signal jamming measures.

To keep the data onboard safe the aircraft includes its own data network and a comprehensive Self Protection Suite (SPS).

Embraer says that one of the key selling points of the Praetor 600 AEW is that it will be a cost-effective solution.

“This aircraft delivers superior performance and flexibility that translates into the greatest value proposition in its category”, said Jackson Schneider, President & CEO Embraer Defense & Security. “It can be easily configured to match the customer needs and it can perform a wide variety of missions in a very efficient and cost-effective way”.

Although other AEW systems are available, they are normally used on larger, more expensive aircraft. As well as the IAI/ELTA systems available on the Gulfstream G550, systems are also available on the Boeing 737, and the Bombardier Global 6000.

Dassault also has a SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) system based on its Falcon 2000 platform. So far, two aircraft are in service with the South Korean Air Force.

“As part of IAI’s new strategy, we are ramping up our collaborations with global business entities, leveraging the know-how and technology accumulated over decades of aerospace and defense operations. As the pioneers of the bizjet AEW, ELTA Systems has made large strides over the years towards offering cost-effective AEW capabilities for the growing and changing global needs”, said Yoav Tourgeman, ELTA President & IAI executive VP. “Our partnership, forged with Embraer Defense & Security, enables us to introduce a new market segment by offering a cost effective midsize bizjet AEW system”.