Embraer delivers its 2nd Phenom 300E to Australia


Embraer has delivered its second Phenom 300E to a customer in Australia, demonstrating the popularity of the Phenom 300E – the world’s most delivered light business jet since 2013. The Phenom 300E is owned by Special Mining Services Pty Ltd and operated by Flight Options (Australia) Pty ltd and will be based in Sydney. The aircraft will be available for domestic and international charter services upon CASA approval.

There are nine Embraer business jets across four models operating in Australia. “We chose the Phenom 300E for its ruggedness and ability to take off and land on short runways and this is especially useful for the business we are in,” said Andrew Charlton, owner of Special Mining Services Pty Ltd. “At the same time, its generous cabin space and advanced avionics makes it a dream to fly. During our journey from Embraer’s facility in Melbourne, USA to Sydney, Australia, we experienced the full spectrum of the aircraft’s performance and we are extremely satisfied with what we have bought.”

“We thank Special Mining Services for their trust in us and are honored that the Phenom 300E is increasing its footprint across Australia – a mature aviation market with a discerning customer base. The Phenom 300E’s outstanding performance, comfort and technology makes it an ideal light jet. It delivers on our promise to elevate the customer experience with an intelligent design. We look forward to the continued expansion of our fleet in the region through our promise of the best-in-class aircraft and top-notch service and support,” said Stephen Friedrich, Chief Commercial Officer, Embraer Executive Jets.

The Phenom 300E inherits the Embraer DNA Design, first introduced in its larger siblings, the Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 midsize jets. The application of this design in the Phenom 300E renders a more spacious cabin with more customization options and ease of maintainability. For instance, the new Embraer-designed and manufactured seats which offer unmatched comfort and personalization in its class. The broader backs on the seat provide greater support, extendable headrests with bolsters, and extendable leg rests for improved ergonomics.

Additionally, the Phenom 300E features an industry-exclusive upper technology panel (upper tech panel) along the centerline of the aircraft’s ceiling, significantly improving passenger experience with enhanced ergonomics and access to inflight entertainment with audio and video on demand. The unit also offers an enhanced cabin lighting scheme with a broad range of ambient mood selections, as well as sleek, silent gaspers enhancing acoustic comfort. Bluetooth connectivity also allows passengers to view inflight information on their personal devices.

Embraer has a global network of owned and authorized service centers and the support is augmented by the services and support personnel based in the Asia Pacific region. Embraer’s Executive Jets’ fleet in the Asia Pacific and China region stands at over 90 in more than 10 countries.

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