Embraer delivers first Duet Phenom 300E


Embraer delivered the first limited-edition Phenom 300E aircraft – part of the Duet collaboration with Porsche – to an undisclosed customer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The aircraft was delivered at Embraer’s Global Customer Center in Melbourne, Florida.

Duet is a collaboration between Embraer and Porsche which is a result of years of working together. Customers receive a Porsche 911 Turbo S and a Phenom 300E when they agree to spend $10.9m. Only 10 of this limited-edition pairing will ever be produced.

Alvadi Serpa-Junior, director of Product Strategy at Embraer Executive Jets told Corporate Jet Investor: “Once the products were chosen, the next step was to make them match so that the customers could have a seamless and unique experience from driving to flying. It wasn’t hard for us to come to a common understanding of what we had to do. And we very quickly noticed how much our engineering and design teams think alike and shared the same passion for details.”

Michael Amalfitano, president and CEO, Embraer Executive Jets added: “We designed Duet in collaboration with Porsche to introduce a seamless travel experience for those wanting to arrive in something totally original, while holding true to our vision of delivering the ultimate experience in business aviation.”

There are hundreds of design links between the aircraft and the car.

Starting with seats, the sew style on the Phenom 300E seats were patterned after that of the 911 Turbo S. Both vehicles’ seats also feature red pull straps, a Speed Blue accent stitch, and carbon fibre shrouds. The flight deck seats were also redesigned to match the seats of the car. On the exterior, both aircraft and car share a matching paint pallet and scheme.

The aircraft registration number appears on the car’s rear wing and on the key. “When the vehicle hits 72 miles per hour, that rear wing goes up,” Jay Beever, vice president of Embraer Design Operations told CJI.

Duet customers will also get Buyers also get an exclusive Porsche-built Swiss watch, pilot jacket and luggage.

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