Embraer will showcase the Legacy 650 at Chinese air show


Embraer's Legacy 650 business jet in flight.

The Legacy 650 will be on static display at the Flight Inspection Centre of CAAC  in Beijing.
Embraer's Legacy 650 business jet in flight.

Embraer’s Legacy 650 business jet in flight.

Embraer will exhibit the Legacy 650 business jet at the second Chinese International Business Aviation Show from 10-12 September 2013.

“As the only business aircraft manufacturer to offer customers a full line of products, Embraer Executive Jets continues to gain worldwide recognition,” Guan Dongyuan, senior vice president of Embraer and president of Embraer China, “The Legacy 650 at the static display will showcase a combination of outstanding performance and intelligent luxury, which allows visitors to enjoy Embraer Executive Jets’ technological innovation and unparalleled cabin design.”

The Legacy 650 is capable of carrying up to 14 passengers. With four passengers, the aircraft can fly 3,900 nautical miles, making flights such as Beijing to Dubai or Hong Kong to Adelaide possible without any stops.

Embraer delivered the first executive jet to China in 2004. The company has booked 38 orders for executive jets in the country, including five options. In August 2013, Embraer’s first China-assembled Legacy 650 successfully completed its maiden flight. The aircraft was assembled by Harbin Embraer Aircraft Industry Company.

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