JetMagic apply for Aruba AOC


Malta-based JetMagic has applied for an Air Operators Certificate from the Aruba registry. The company has already established JetMagic Aruba, and will operate their VVIP Boeing aircraft from the Island.

The Aruba DCA has already approved JetMagic Aruba, and will pass down certification in early June 2016.

“The DCA of Aruba is delighted to be presenting JetMagic with their AOC Certification once all the necessary steps are in place,” said Edwin Kelly Director, DCA of Aruba. “We have ample experience with JetMagic has an operator in the non commercial category; they are considered a very professional and compliant operator. We look forward to completing their Air Operator Certification in a short period of time and maintaining our successful relationship.”

The company currently manages four Boeing aircraft, including two BBJ1s, one 757-200 and one 777.

The first aircraft to be placed on the Aruba AOC will be one of the company’s BBJs, which is registered P4-BBJ.

The BBJ has an extended range of 5,500 Nm, and can accommodate 18 passengers.