Elit’Avia gains San Marino AOC


Wynton Faure

Elit’Avia has been granted an AOC by the San Marino CAA and hired Wynton Fauré as sales director for the UK, Europe and Africa.

“A San Marino AOC is very advantageous for clients wanting to introduce a non-EASA aircraft into their operations,” said Puja Mahajan. “The San Marino CAA does an excellent job of balancing rigorous safety standards with the transactional needs of the industry. Working with highly-qualified and experienced inspectors accelerates the registration process while maintaining robust operational accountability. Thus, with our San Marino AOC, we are able to place a greater variety of aircraft into European commercial service quickly and efficiently.”

Fauré is responsible for promoting Elit’Avia’s comprehensive services, including its new Part NCC offering and other technical services, within his territories. He has worked in business aviation for 10 years, including sales roles with TAG Aviation and VistaJet.

Puja Mahajan, CEO of Elit’Avia said: “We’re delighted to welcome Wynton to our team. Drawing from his considerable experience, Wynton is exceptionally well-positioned to help our clients through the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.”

Wynton Fauré, sales director, UK, Europe and Africa, Elit’Avia added: “Our services are very attractive to UK aircraft owners operating in Europe. We do not expect our clients to experience significant disruption due to Brexit because flights within Europe and to-and-from the UK will be free of cabotage restrictions, thanks to Elit’Avia’s European AOCs.”