Eclipse donate jet to VAC


Eclipse Jet donated by company to Veterans Aircraft Command

The VAC received a donation of an Eclipse Jet Aircraft earlier
this month at the NBAA and to compliment the donation, the jet manufacturer Eclipse
Aerospace has agreed to upgrade the aircraft to Total Eclipse standards and
return the aircraft to active service. The VAC will use the aircraft in their
mission of transporting wounded veterans and their families to locations in
which they can receive proper medical care.

VAC Founder and AirBoss Walt Fricke says, “Although none is
needed, this is further proof that the aviation community is made up of great
Americans whose generosity knows no bounds. This aircraft will supplement the
work of some 1800 volunteer aircraft owners and pilots in support of our
mission. It is the perfect combination of world-class jet efficiency and a mission
capable bird. Our donors and passengers deserve no less.”

“As a wounded war veteran, I know first hand how important the
support of your family is in your recovery,” says Senator Bob Dole, Honorary
Chairman of the National Advisory Board of the VAC. “For those soldiers and
their families who sacrifice so much for our great nation, an organisation like
VAC is a Godsend,” Dole continued.

“This is yet another example of the generosity of the private
aviation community. Moving our wounded warriors and their families with dignity
to and from medical treatment centers is mostly only accomplished effectively
in private aircraft,” states Peter Bunce, president of GAMA. “The 1800
volunteer pilots and aircraft owners who make up the the Veterans Airlift Command
are to be commended for their selfless service to those who have given so much
on our behalf.”

“The support does not stop with Eclipse Aerospace, the essence of
our Eclipse family are our customers. Eclipse type rated pilots are needed to
fly these volunteer missions. So when Eclipse reached out to the Eclipse 500
Owners Club, our customers joined in our effort and are donating trained pilots
and services to fly Eclipse missions for the VAC, how cool is that!” states
Mason Holland chief executive and chairman of Eclipse Aerospace.

“Our club members are proud and committed to fly the
donated Eclipse on behalf of the Veterans Airlift Command wherever and whenever
we possibly can. It is truly an honor to do so,” added David Green, president
of the Eclipse 500.