Eclipse Aerospace delivers first Eclipse 550 jet


First customer delivered Eclipse 550 in hangar

Eclipse Aerospace has delivered the first Eclipse 550 twin-engine private jet to a customer in Alburquerque, New Mexico.

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Mason Holland, CEO of Eclipse Aerospace, describes the Eclipse 550 as a “game-changer” and an ideal aircraft for owners wanting to upgrade their turboprop or piston aircraft.

“This is an exciting day for Eclipse Aerospace and for general aviation,” added Holland. “With the Eclipse 550, we’ve built a high-performance light jet that includes advanced technologies and safety features that have traditionally been found only on much larger cabin class business jets and commercial aircraft.”

Bruce Dickinson, non-executive chairman for Aeris Aviation, Eclipse’s exclusive dealer in Europe (and lead singer in Iron Maiden) told Corporate Jet Investor that he believes the Eclipse is, in fact,  the “only VLJ” on the market.

“In essence, it is a two-hour aeroplane,” says Dickinson. “You can stick pretty much anything you want in it and go for two hours; the same is not true for other alleged VLJs that weigh a lot more and cost a lot more to operate.

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Eclipse Aerospace announced the start of production of the Eclipse 550 Jet at the company’s Albuquerque facility in June 2012.

The aircraft can fly at 41,000 feet for up to 1,125 nautical miles with a maximum speed of 375 knots (430 mph).

Eclipse released a short video on the first Eclipse 550 delivery