ECL delivers AS350 B2 to Heli Boreal


Heli Boreal select an AS350 B2 as eighth Eurocopter aircraft

Eurocopter AS350 B2Héli-Boréal has selected the
AS350 B2 as its eighth Eurocopter helicopter. The aircraft was delivered by Eurocopter
Canada Limited on 16 March 2012 and will be used to expand Héli-Boréal’s work
in mining exploration; hydro surveying and maintenance missions.

“The proven AS350 B2 has become renowned for its versatility,” said Guy
Joannes, president and chief executive, ECL. “We are especially proud to
accompany Héli-Boréal in its development, and look forward to contributing to
the success of its various and complex missions.”

“The AS350 B2 will help strengthen our position in the mining industry by
providing additional options for our customers,” said Jean-Yves, vice-president,
Héli-Boréal “Eurocopter aircraft continues to be our first choice in terms of
continued reliability, versatility and safety.”

Héli-Boréal’s current fleet consists of two AS350 BAs, three AS350 B2s, one
AS350 B3 and one EC120.