EBAA increases budget for industry investment


The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) has said it will allocate “an exceptional budget” for investment in the industry this year.

At its Annual General Assembly (AGM) 2023, the association said it was in a “robust financial position” which will allow it to draw down on its reserves for the budget, subject to board approval.

Part of the new budget will go towards addressing criticisms of the industry’s sustainability. The EBAA said: “The investment aims to enhance advocacy efforts, improve communication regarding the industry’s values and dispel misconceptions surrounding its environment impact. This is particularly important in light of the increased scrutiny the business aviation industry has been subject to, which requires the EBAA secretariat to continue responding firmly using different advocacy channels.”

The association also elected prominent business aviation leaders as members of its Board of Governors, including figures from Gama Aviation, Dassault and Netjets.

Following the death of Athar Husain Khan, secretary-general of EBAA, last month, the organisation paid its respects at the AGM to honour his legacy.

It added that an interim leadership council has been implemented until a new secretary-general is appointed in the coming months.

EBAA AGM elected governors – at a glance

  • Maxime Bouchard, Jetfly Aviation SA
  • Marwan Khalek, Gama Aviation
  • Bertrand d’Yvoire, Dassault Falcon Service
  • Tony Cramp, Shell Aircraft
  • Pascal Lhoest, Netjets Europe
  • Paul Tiba, Airlec Air Espace