EBAA welcomes Dutch U-turn on Schipol flight cap


The Dutch government’s decision to scrap a plan to cap flights at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport is “good news” and “testament” to the unified voices of opposition stakeholders, according to the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

The scheme had aimed to stop about 9,100 flights next summer to reduce noise disruption, but EBAA welcomed the reversal and said some industry stakeholders, including Schipol Airport, had “misconceptions” about business aviation which are “not aligned with reality”.

The US had threatened retaliation and EU Transport Commissioner Adina-Ioana Vălean had voiced concerns over potential infringement proceedings against the Netherlands.

 “This is certainly good news,” said Róman Kok, senior communications manager, EBAA.

We’ve been. deeply involved in the Dutch case, advocating for our members and the broader industry. However, it’s clear that certain stakeholders like Schiphol Airport still hold misconceptions about the business aviation industry, often incorrectly perpetrating it as a primary contributor to noise and emissions issues.

“It is imperative that we dispel these misconceptions, affirming that such perceptions are not aligned with reality and emphasising our industry’s steadfast commitment to sustainable and responsible practices.”

EBAA is calling for “more nuanced approaches” to managing airport noise and environmental impacts.

It says reducing the number of flight slots is not the sole way to reduce noise at airports, suggesting a combination of methods should be employed such as constant descent approaches and optimised flight routings.

EBAA says it believes in a “strong and efficient” air transport network alongside an awareness of “environmental responsibilities”.