EASy II certification granted by EASA and FAA for the Falcon 900LX


Upgrade will be made available to other Dassault Falcon aircraft in due course

Dassault Falcon has announced that it received
approval from the FAA for EASy II flight deck, EASA approval was granted on 10
June. The first production Falcon 900LX with EASy II will be delivered in July.

“EASy II marks a dramatic step forward
in creating a cockpit environment that is focused on elevating situational awareness,”
said John Rosanvallon, president and chief executive officer of Dassault
Falcon. “The new suite of tools included in EASy II makes it the most
advanced flight deck in the industry.”

EASy II will offer a number
of new options and enhancements, including: a Synthetic Vision System (SVS); improved
display symbology; Flight Management System (7.1) enhancements; improved Take
Off and Go Around capability; a Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS);
RNP SAAR approaches capability and an enhanced navigation package including
WAAS and EGNOS LPV function.

Other new options available
in EASy II include Automatic Decent Mode (ADM); XM Graphical Weather integrated
into the INAV map and ADS-B Out (Automatic Dependant Surveillance -Broadcast).

Two new communication features are also in
development; FANS 1A (Future Air Navigation System) and PM-CPDLC / ATN
(Controller Pilot Data Link Communication / Air Traffic Network) which are
compliant with Europe’s new data link mandates will be also available for
Falcon 7X, 2000EX/LX and 900EX/LX aircraft.

EASA also approved the modification of
Falcon 900 EX-LX Head Up display software to match the new EASy II flight deck

A retrofit for all Falcon 900 EASy aircraft
will be available as a Service Bulletin by July 4, 2011. A training course
developed with CAE SimuFlite, has received approval by EASA, the FAA and the United Kingdom’s

EASy II will also be made available for the
7X in the third quarter of 2012, and for Falcon 2000 EASy variants in the
fourth quarter of 2012.