EASA and Russian CAA agree to allow aviation companies to seek EASA 145 approvals


Jet Aviation Moscow Vnukovo will be one of the first to take advantage of this new agreement

The European Aviation Safety
Agency (EASA) and the Russian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have agreed to
terms that allow Jet Aviation Moscow Vnukovo and others to seek EASA 145
aircraft approvals.

“The business aviation market
in Russia
is growing rapidly and we need to expand our maintenance capacity and service
offerings accordingly,” says Ian Ludlow, general director at Jet Aviation
Moscow Vnukovo. “We’re currently in discussions with a number of OEMs and
intend to increase our certifying staff and obtain further approvals to expand
our operations and services offered to customers.”

As the first global business
aviation maintenance company to enter the Russian market, Jet Aviation began
operating at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport in
November 2007 and has offered line maintenance and AOG support throughout Russia
since 2009.