EASA certificates Avanti EVO


Piaggio Avanti EVO

EASA has certificated Piaggio’s new Avanti EVO.

The Avanti EVO gained approval under the supervision of the Italian National Civil Aviation Agency, ENAC, on behalf of EASA. US certification from the FAA is expected within the next few weeks as well as the Indian Certification. The first two Avanti EVO aircraft will be delivered to Indian customers.

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Carlo Logli, chief executive officer of Piaggio Aerospace said: “The EASA certification for our Avanti EVO marks a red letter day and demonstrates Piaggio Aerospace commitment to business aviation. The Avanti, which already is an icon for safe, efficiency, and comfortable travel has evolved with improved performance, comfort, reduced emissions and has extended its range. The Avanti EVO is an intelligent solution for business travelers, blending the very best of Italian style and the most advanced aerodynamic concepts giving operators and passengers more efficiency than ever before.”