EAS adds to charter fleet


Company now has six aircraft available for charter

Executive Air Services (EAS) has announced it has added a 1996 Lear 31, a
1993 Gulfstream IV-SP and a 2002 Hawker 800XP to its charter fleet.

The three aircraft will be available for domestic and international
destinations. With the addition of these aircraft, EAS now offers 6 aircraft
for charter: Lear 31, Gulfstream IV-SP, two Hawker 800XPs, Gulfstream 550 and a
Challenger 601.

The Lear 31 is an ex Singapore Airlines training aircraft, which makes it
complete with an enhanced avionics suite. Additionally, the aircraft has
extended range tanks and can travel up to 3.5hrs non-stop. The GIV-SP has a
nine hour range and can travel non-stop from South Florida to Europe
without stopping for fuel. The Hawker comfortably holds eight passengers and
can reach Las Vegas

“EAS believes that adding diverse aircraft to our charter fleet allows us to
serve our clients various mission profiles by offering an aircraft for every
operation,” said Matthew Winer, president of EAS.