Duncan Aviation installs WiFi in Gulfstream aircraft


Company completes installation for TWC Aviation at Van Nuys

Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce its
recent installation for Wi-Fi operations in a Gulfstream V. The installation
was completed for TWC Aviation at Duncan Aviation’s avionics satellite facility
in Van Nuys.

The Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for
Wi-Fi operations was initially received earlier this year for the Gulstream
IV/IVsp aircraft. The modification of the existing STC to include the
Gulfstream V model was completed under Duncan Aviation’s STC and major repair
and alteration (MRA) organization designation authorization (ODA). In addition
to the Gulfstream V installation, TWC Aviation also had Wi-Fi operations
installed in their Gulfstream IV aircraft.

 “We would like to thank the Van Nuys
satellite shop, avionics sales team in Battle
Creek and all involved with this installation,” says
Javier Cervantes of TWC Aviation. “The STC approval for the Wi-Fi installation
on both the GIV and GV aircraft allows TWC Aviation to further enhance our
ability to offer the latest cabin technology to our aircraft owners and charter