Duncan Aviation develops roll around landing gear


Company has developed a roll-around landing gear for Hawker aircraft that should save time on maintenance

Duncan Aviation has developed a new
roll-around Hawker landing gear. The gear will allow aircraft to be moved
through all phases of maintenance at the same time the aircraft’s landing gear
is being overhauled at a Duncan Aviation facility.

will mean that an aircraft undergoing maintenance should spend less time on the
ground and in many cases keeping the original landing gear with the aircraft.
Dan Fuoco, Hawker airframe service sales representative estimates that customers
will be able to shave at least two weeks, if not more, off of their downtime
when a Hawker landing gear overhaul is added to scheduled maintenance, such as
a 12-year inspection and paint.
“When the aircraft arrives at Duncan Aviation, the gear is immediately removed
and sent to our authorized Hawker landing gear overhaul specialists in our
Accessories Department and the roll-around gear is installed, keeping the
aircraft mobile,” Fuoco says. “Because the 12-year inspection will be completed
ahead of the landing gear overhaul, the roll-around allows the aircraft to go
directly to paint without any delay.”