Duncan Aviation welcomes Kasey Harwick back to Lincoln and promotes Travis Grimsley in Battle Creek


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Lincoln, NEB —After a year and a half at the Duncan Aviation facility in Battle Creek, Michigan, Kasey Harwick has returned to the company’s Lincoln, Nebraska, location and assumed the role of Vice President of Maintenance for the Airframe Department. Travis Grimsley has accepted the position of Director of Maintenance for the aircraft services group in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he is also now a part of the Duncan Aviation Senior Management Team.

Kasey Harwick

“Kasey has done a tremendous job in every role he has served at Duncan Aviation. We have asked Kasey to do many things for us, and he has always accepted those challenges with an eagerness to do his best to serve Duncan Aviation and, most importantly, our customers,” says Jeff Lake, Chief Operating Officer of Duncan Aviation. “We’re very excited about Kasey moving to Lincoln and we look forward to the leadership and expertise that Travis brings to our maintenance teams in Battle Creek.”

Harwick has learned during his 20 years of service that customers choose Duncan Aviation because the team members are dedicated to providing high-quality maintenance and repairs while adhereing to aggressive downtimes. The 18 months he spent working at the company’s Battle Creek facility showed him that the Duncan Aviation culture carries through from facility to facility and that ideas for continuous improvements come from team members working at all locations.

When Harwick joined the Duncan Aviation team in 1999, he worked as an Interior Shop Assistant, completing green Astra SPX aircraft, transitioned to airframe where he worked on Learjets and Astras and, later, assumed the role of Lead Technician where he added Challengers to his growing expertise. Prior to moving to Battle Creek, Harwick was a Team Leader for a fleet customer program and then served as a Project Manager, a Program Manager, and Manager of the Airframe Department.

“Here in Lincoln, I plan to utilise the experiences that I have gained and the network of team members and customers created over the years at Duncan Aviation to help ensure that we continue to provide the top-notch maintenance and customer service that Duncan Aviation is known for,” says Harwick. “My forward focus is making sure that we continue to attract and retain skilled team members who are passionate about aviation, have an eye for quality, and share Duncan Aviation’s core values.”

Travis Grimsley

Grimsley began his 14-year career at Duncan Aviation in the Line Services Department. Growing up in an aviation family, Grimsley earned his private pilot license and flew with his father in his Cessna 175. While earning his degree in business from Western Michigan University, Grimsley worked for Duncan Aviation in FBO Services, where he became Team Leader and then Manager in 2012. In 2016, he moved to his most recent position, that of Manager of Customer Service in Battle Creek. In his new position, Grimsley will manage the Airframe Department and oversee the Engine and Assessory Departments.

“One of the reasons I’m so proud to work for Duncan Aviation and welcome our customers here is the culture,” says Grimsley. “Everyone here supports our mission, and in the entire 14 years I’ve worked here, I have looked forward to coming to work every single day. It’s a supportive environment for our customers and fellow team members alike.”