Duncan Aviation upgrades CMS with Honeywell Ovation components and Alto Aviation Cadence switches


Duncan Aviation Alto swtiches

Lincoln, NEB — 8 December 2020 – The avionics technicians at Duncan Aviation’s full-service facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, upgraded the Cabin Management System (CMS) for a Challenger 605 with components from the Honeywell Ovation and Cadence switches from Alto Aviation. The owner of the aircraft, who was facing obsolescence issues with his current switches and CMS screens, worked with Duncan Aviation’s Avionics Sales Representative Scott Kruce to select the necessary components to upgrade the system.

“The customer knew how difficult it was to find parts or repair the older push-button switches and screens because he’d faced the same problems with other aircraft,” says Kruce. “We were able to fit the Cadence switches into the existing cutouts in the drinkrails, which minimized necessary changes to the woodwork, decreased downtime and helped keep down costs.”

New Ovation touchscreens were added to the VIP seat and the galley, and with the addition of the Honeywell backbone, the Duncan Aviation technicians also added Bluetooth wireless technology, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and Blu-ray support. The entertainment system on the aircraft is now fully modernized, and the screens support HD content.

“One big advantage to going this route is how customisable it is. You can have a system that is mostly Ovation, mostly Alto, or anywhere in-between. The cabin entertainment options are also scalable. We can do a minimalist system with a couple of HDMI ports or a system like this aircraft with HDMI ports, Blu-Ray, Bluetooth and Cabin iPad remote. This range of options in the switching and source equipment allows us to tailor-fit the cabin to the customer’s mission,” says Kruce.