Duncan Aviation Provo construction progress


Duncan Aviation Provo construction progress

Lincoln, NEB — Action at Duncan Aviation’s Provo, Utah, campus is ablur as 70-75 steel erectors, electricians, and concrete and mechanical experts work diligently to ensure Duncan Aviation’s first new-construction MRO maintenance hangar will be ready to open in January 2019.

“It is fun to see everything come together,” says Chad Doehring, Vice President of Operations at Provo. “The hangar service pits have been installed and the entire hangar floor is now in. The fuel farm is on-site and going through the testing and certification stages. Over the next two months, the focus will be to complete the build-out of the first service hangar and the paint shop.”

The paint facility is expected to be ready in March, and a second hangar structure should be opened during the second quarter of 2019. Then, by second quarter 2020, all of the backshops and offices for the new 275,000-square-foot facility will be completed.

The building and planning for the new facility goes much farther than bricks and mortar.

“Customers consistently tell us they bring their projects to Duncan Aviation because of our people,” Doehring says. “Our people have knowledge and expertise, are friendly and resourceful, and understand customer service at all levels. Our goal is to carefully plan our staffing to expand this overall feeling, culture and experience to our growing base in Provo.”

To this end, Duncan Aviation has carefully recruited team members from its Lincoln, Battle Creek and other locations for positions at the new Provo facility. With right around 100 team members located in Provo now, the company anticipates having about 180 by second quarter 2019 and 250 by second quarter 2020.

“This melting pot of experience and Duncan Aviation culture blended with talented new team members from outside the company is the recipe to ensuring our customers consistently receive the same high level of experience no matter the Duncan Aviation facility they use,” Doehring says.

Duncan Aviation released a short video:

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