Duncan Aviation installs JetWave high speed connectivity


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Lincoln, NEB — Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce that its customers for whom the company has installed the Honeywell Aerospace JetWave system are raving about it! The JetWave broadband system provides the aircraft with high-speed connectivity via satellite using Inmarsat’s Ka-band Global Xpress.

“Following up on a recently completed Falcon 2000LX a couple of weeks after the installation, the chief pilot said the passengers absolutely love it,” said Avionics Sales Rep Adrian Chene. “It’s an end-to-end product—passengers can stay connected whether they’re sitting on the ramp, taxiing, or in flight; it works all of the time. The ability to engage Wi-Fi and use their own cell phones for calls while flying is one of the functions our customers like most of all. They don’t need any special equipment, just their cell phones or tablets.”

Duncan Aviation techs have installed the JetWave in several Bombardier, Dassault and Gulfstream aircraft models in Battle Creek, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Provo, Utah; and at several of its Satellite Avionics Shops. More aircraft are scheduled to input to various Duncan Aviation facilities in the coming months, with continued demand for the system from many other operators.

“Our customers are installing this system because it provides the fastest internet available on an aircraft. Simply put, it offers speeds and capabilities that come closest to what you can get at your home” says Avionics Sales Rep Justin Vena. “You can use the devices you carry on, too. For instance, if you have a DirecTV app on your phone, you can use that as a source to stream live TV on your plane, too. If another passenger wants to stream Netflix simultaneously, neither of you lose your connection, your speed, or your content because JetWave is capable of consistently streaming video from multiple sources.”

Vena said his customers have also been pleased with the JetWave, especially its consistent, reliable connection speeds.

“One of the reasons I feel so confident recommending JetWave to our customers is that it works so well,” said Chene. “Customers tell us that it does exactly what Honeywell claims it can do.”