Duncan Aviation installs industry first Media Input Panel


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Lincoln, NEB — Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce it has installed an industry-first Rosen Aviation Media Input Panel (MIP) in a Falcon 2000. The panel lets passengers plug in a High-Definition Multimedia Input (HDMI) device, such as an Apple TV, ROKU, Chromecast or Blu-Ray Disc Player, into the High Definition (HD) input port to view HD content on a Rosen Aviation HD/Smart Monitor. The MIP also allows for input from a USB device to view HD content on new Rosen Aviation Smart Monitors.

“This is perfect for using content you’ve stored on your own digital media device,” says Avionics Installation Sales Rep Mike Morgan. “We recently installed Rosen Aviation’s MIP and HD Monitor in a Falcon 2000, and our customer was pleased to have such an affordable option.”

Because the MIP is designed for legacy aircraft with classic Cabin Management Systems (CMSes), it converts digital audio output for use on older analog equipment.

“The MIP is an affordable option for a simple digital media interface to a classic CMS,” says Morgan. “It’s cost-effective, and it lets passengers in the cabin watch HD content on the Rosen HD/Smart monitors while converting the audio to the analog CMS for distribution.”