Duncan Aviation installs fourth Bongiovi Audio System


Duncan Aviation Bongiovi System

Lincoln, NEB. – 31 August 2021 – Duncan Aviation announced that its avionics technicians in Battle Creek, Michigan, have begun installing a fourth Bongiovi Aviation audio system, this time in a Gulfstream G450. Throughout the year, Duncan Aviation technicians have installed the Bongiovi Aviation system in a Falcon 7X, a Gulfstream G550, and a Falcon 900EX.

This state-of-the-art audio system overcomes noisy cabin environments and reproduces high-fidelity audio. The integrated audio with patented signal-processing technology is combined with speakerless transducers that mount behind the interior panels in the ceiling and sidewalls to produce an immersive audio experience throughout the aircraft.

It’s one thing to talk audio-system specs with customers, but it’s another entirely when they hear the system for themselves.

Earlier this year, Avionics Sales Representative Mike Morgan was walking through the hangar with customers who were in Battle Creek with their Gulfstream G550, which was slated to input in March for some much-needed avionics upgrades.

“As we discussed the work on the aircraft, the techs were running sound tests on the transducers in the headliner for the Falcon 7X. The headliner was draped over a bench, so it hadn’t even been installed yet, but the sound was that impressive,” says Morgan. “When the flight department of the G550 heard it, they wanted to know all about the Bongiovi system. They then changed their plans to simply repair an obsolete CMS and instead install an entirely new CMS so they could also get the Bongiovi Aviation audio system.”

Prior to installing the Bongiovi Aviation audio system in the Falcon 7X, Avionics Modifications Specialist II Ritchie Peterson at Duncan Aviation’s Battle Creek facility went through training and is now a Certified Bongiovi Trained Installation Technician. Although he’s gone through a lot of training over his years at Duncan Aviation, Peterson was impressed with the Bongiovi engineers’ professionalism and attention to detail.

“They care just as much about quality as we do at Duncan Aviation,” says Peterson. “They know they have a superior audio product, but the sound can be compromised if it’s not installed properly. That’s why I had to go through training, and I’m glad I did. It’s an impressive system with amazing sound, so I want to make sure we get everything right for our customers.”