Duncan Aviation increases AOG service options


Duncan Aviation maintenance

Lincoln, NEB — Duncan Aviation is pleased to have the largest independent business aviation AOG service network in the world with satellite avionics shops and workaway stations that number 27 as well as 16 engine Rapid Response team launch offices.

In 2018, Duncan Aviation added a satellite avionics shop in Bedford, Mass., and upgraded its Austin workaway to a full-fledged avionics shop. That means the shop now has its own repair station certificate. The company also added RRT engine teams in the Tampa, Florida, and Columbus, Ohio, areas. In addition, an engine team will soon be located in the Houston, Texas, area.

“We have 115 avionics technicians in our satellite network and 35 engine technicians who work in our Rapid Response services,” says Matt Nelson, Satellite Operations Manager. “We want to be the first call for operators when they need immediate support because we are confident we can quickly help them.”

“With our strategically placed facilities and offices, a Duncan Aviation team is no more than 150 nautical miles from the top 100 busiest business jet airports in the United States. In addition, our avionics shops can perform complex avionics modifications, including ADS-B upgrades, at our shop locations or even in a customer’s hangar,” added Nelson.