Duncan Aviation features one-of-a-kind Dornier 328JET Envoy 3 at NBAA static display


Dornier 328-310 Jet Envoy 3 interior

Lincoln, NEB — Duncan Aviation is displaying a Dornier 328-310 to static display at the Orlando Executive Airport during this year’s NBAA-BACE October 16-18. One of only eleven Envoy 3 models in the world, Serial Number 3209 was designed and converted at the factory in Germany for VIP demonstration by Dornier 328 Services. As a result, this aircraft incorporates VIP features available at the time. This one-of-a-kind aircraft will be available for viewing at the Static Display in spot SD 18, across from the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) chalet.

An extended-range fuel system on this model offers a 30% gain in range, up to 2100 nm. The Mod-10 upgrade on Serial Number 3209 includes a High Gross Weight modification, approval for operations at FL 350, and approval to operate at high altitude airports.

“This would be an ideal aircraft for someone who works hard and plays hard,” says Dave Coleman, Duncan Aviation Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions. “There’s enough room to pack all your gear for a trip into the wilderness, and its impressive climb rate, short field, and high-altitude performance capabilities make this perfect for wintertime weekend ski trips into the mountains.”

Designed by Robin Dunlop, the cabin interior is configured with 12 executive club seats, four crew seats, and six inflatable beds. A full-cabin, “tuned” passive noise reduction system provides a particularly comfortable in-flight experience. Meanwhile, the custom-designed Control Concepts Entertainment system ensures everyone can relax and enjoy, with individual 10-inch monitors, fore/aft 14-inch monitors, a credenza pop-up 31-inch TV, dual AVOD movie storage (500 movie capacity), a blue ray player, Xbox video game console and player, internal and external audio input sources, high-speed internet, and a complete surround sound system.

According to Coleman, “The factory-completed Dorniers don’t often appear on the market, and certainly no others are equipped like this one. If someone is looking for the runway performance of a turboprop but the cabin space of a Gulfstream – with almost half the operation cost – they won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to see this aircraft at NBAA this year.”

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