Duncan Aviation expands sales and service capabilities on Honeywell Legacy platforms


Duncan Aviation components

Lincoln, NEB — Duncan Aviation has entered into a new sales and repair services agreement with Honeywell Aerospace that enhances support for mutual customers. This agreement covers a wide range of business jets, turboprops, rotor-wing, and regional/commercial make/model aircraft.

Duncan Aviation now manages the sales, exchange, and repair services for specified Honeywell Avionics Content, Flight Controls, Electronic Flight Control Instruments, Air Data, and Attitude Heading Reference Units on Legacy Platforms.

As a licensed Honeywell Authorised Service Centre and Channel Partner, this expanded service builds upon the existing Honeywell authorizations by adding more than 2,000 part numbers on nearly 100 fixed and rotor-wing aircraft platforms.

“Duncan Aviation is dedicated to providing the highest level of component service and sales in the industry,” said Mark Cote, Duncan Aviation VP of Component Services & Satellites. “Our investment in the expansion of our component capabilities and product offerings is just the latest in a 50+ year relationship we have enjoyed with Honeywell. It is exciting to add these products and capabilities to the long list of Honeywell components we support today.”

On February 1, Duncan Aviation’s Parts & Rotables sales team took over managing the parts sales transactions for this new Honeywell inventory, including AOG. They increased available customer support by adding six additional parts sales and customer account reps who are online and available 24/7/365 to serve customers, both domestic and international.

To house the more than 2,500 anticipated Honeywell legacy units, they also built a new parts warehouse with over 1,700 square feet.

This significant investment continues with 50 additional test sets, 12 new avionics repair benches, factory training for eight technicians with more onsite training performed at the Duncan Aviation Avionics Instruments Repair facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. Duncan Aviation anticipates the need to hire up to 12 new avionics technicians in the coming months.

Duncan Aviation’s Satellite network enhances repair capabilities by providing avionics line maintenance on Honeywell units for customers at strategically placed regional repair shops across the country where select inventory is onsite for easy access.