Duncan Aviation continues to expand Interior Finish Solutions


Duncan Aviation new interior finishes

Lincoln, NEB. — Duncan Aviation recently announced that hydrographics and vinyl wrapping have taken leaps and bounds since they were first introduced at Duncan Aviation. The company first started with some basic tooling to prove concept and evaluate if the solution should be offered to customers. The two- to three-year journey has consisted of continually upgrading equipment and finding new challenges. The finish shop currently has two full-size dipping tanks, two full-size rinse tanks, an automatic dipping arm, and an automatic spray system.

These solutions can be used on interior components, panels, accents, and even full cabinets, depending on their size. The capabilities open up a variety of aesthetic options for interior finishes without changing cabinet veneer, and designs can include wood grain, stone, metals, as well as custom designs. Some options allow shorter downtimes than traditional methods and are excellent solutions to cabinetry with clouding finishes. The solutions also provide new finish options for countertops and sinks without weight restraints or engineering requirements.

Finish Shop Team Leader Chris Nelson said that this technology is taking off, and the Duncan Aviation Interior shop has done 10 complete vinyl projects, 6 complete hydrodipping projects, and 20 partial hydrodipping projects. The Duncan Aviation team has received positive feedback and has extremely pleased customers.

Completion Sales Representative Matt Spain said that the Duncan Aviation Interior shop recently wrapped all of the cabinets in a Challenger 601 with vinyl.

“The chief pilot told me that the aesthetics of the wrap exceeded their expectations,” said Spain. “He also said that the wrap not only looks really good, but was a much more cost-effective option over traditional veneer for installation in a legacy aircraft.”

The chief pilot also told Spain that they have received positive feedback from some of their passengers, and the workmanship was first class.

With the outstanding adoption of hydrographics and wrapping of cabinets and other interior components, Duncan Aviation is proceeding with  research of other exciting technologies that will provide customers with more options for interior solutions.

“We have received such positive feedback on our hydrodipping and wrap solutions, that we are looking to expand our capabilities to offer other alternative finishes,” said Nelson. “We have completed extensive research and will soon be offering services for thermal foil, thermal forming, and sublimation. With these expanded capabilities we will be able to offer more customization using a process that is permanent with unmatched clarity, bringing yet another proven technology within reach of corporate aviation.”

With hydrographics, the driving factors are only limited to your imagination. The most difficult part can be choosing a design for your aircraft, as there are unlimited graphic options. Learn more about hydrographics at Duncan Aviation: https://www.DuncanAviation.aero/services/interior-refurbishment/hydrographic-solutions

Watch the video of the automatic dipping arm in process here: https://www.DuncanAviation.aero/videos/innovative-hydrographic-solutions

As customer demand increases, the Finish Team at Duncan Aviation will continue to build the hydrographic, vinyl wrap, and sublimation area and hit those ever-so-important downtimes that keep their customers coming back.