Duncan Aviation Component Customer Service Reps now at four locations and three time zones


Lincoln, NEB — Duncan Aviation’s Component Services Customer Account Team grew by nearly 25% in the first quarter of 2021. Account Reps are now located in Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, and Utah.

Crystal Osmera, Component CAR Team Leader, understands the value of having a service call answered by a live person instead of a recording. “We have customers located all across the United States, who want their component service needs met without having to leave a message and then wait for a call back.” She says that having CARs in different time zones expands customer service hours and supports customers no matter where they are located or when they call.

Robert Weaver and Jen Parker are located at the Duncan Aviation MROs in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Provo, Utah, respectively. They provide onsite and phone support to the aircraft accessories departments at these locations.

Micah Braunsroth and Sarah Warner joined the CAR team at the Duncan Aviation Avionics Repair Shop in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Rick Conner is located in Florida, providing online support to customer requests for quotes and information through online locator services like Partsbase and ILS. In addition to his customer service role, he works directly with aircraft operators who call with radar technical or troubleshooting questions. He has 33 years of avionics and instrument repair experience as an avionics tech and team leader for Duncan Aviation.