Duncan Aviation Aurora Satellite adds Securaplane Emergency Power Services


Justin Weber

Duncan Aviation’s satellite services facility in Aurora, Oregon recently added emergency power services to its line-up of capabilities. The company received FAA approval to expand the company’s at Aurora airport nearly a year ago.

In the past year, Justin Weber, crew lead, Satellite Avionics has completed several two-year pito-static certifications, transponder certifications, resolved unscheduled squawks, performed minor equipment installations and repaired wires for various customers on the ramp.

“We’re getting more and more business, and we’ve expanded our capabilities to Securaplane power supplies. We’re providing a service that previously hasn’t been available to customers at the Aurora airport,” said Jonathan Almeida, manager, Portland, Satellite site . “Even if you don’t have an inspection coming up, if you need a check of the emergency power, we can provide that service.” 

Turn-around times are estimated at between two to three days. “If customers have to ship the battery off to have it bench-tested for its recurring maintenance tests, the shipping alone will take two to three days,” said Almeida. “We’re getting it tested, serviced, charged, and returned in that amount of time.” Also, Weber can loan replacement batteries, if the originals must be shipped away.