Duncan Aviation adds paint capacity at Battle Creek facility.


Duncan Aviation Battle Creek paintshop

Duncan Aviation has completed a hangar renovation at its Battle Creek, Michigan paint facility.

A former aircraft stripping hangar was renovated and now serves as a new paint hangar that will accommodate aircraft sized up to a Bombardier Global Express.

The renovation was managed by Tectonic Management Group with Duncan Aviation’s Battle Creek facilities team coordinating between Tectonic, the BTL Paint Department and other contractors.

Doug Bohac, Duncan Aviation paint manager said: “The new hangar is a great addition to our paint services in Battle Creek. Customers will see some additional paint capacity and more flexible scheduling.”

Duncan Aviation is capable of painting up to 100 aircraft per year at each of its Battle Creek and Lincoln, Nebraska, facilities. The facilities are designed with mutiple bays that allow stripping, sanding, painting and detail work on multiple aircraft simultaneously.