Dassault Falcon graduates 300th trainee


Dassault Falcon Practical Training Programme graduates 300th trainee, Wu Jian Ming of Business Aviation Asia based in China.

                            Dassault trainees
Dassault Falcon’s certified Practical Training Programme has passed the 300th trainee mark. Wu Jian Ming from Business Aviation Asia, based in China, was the 300th participant.

The programme uses real aircraft and actual work cards, giving the student real experience in maintenance issues and trouble-shooting. “This innovative approach means that the trainees are better prepared and more efficient when it comes to working on Falcon aircraft in the field,” said Eloi Dufour, director Customer Relations. “It is not just a ‘show and tell’ exercise. Each student performs the required tasks himself and works on green aircraft – i.e. without interior fittings – allowing for easier access to all aircraft components.”

Training is performed either at the Dassault assembly line in Bordeaux-Mérignac, or at the Dassault Flight Test Center in Istres, near Marseille, France.

Some 40 sessions have been held for the Falcon 7X, accounting for more than 75% of total graduates. Falcon 900LX sessions were introduced in 2010, and the Falcon 2000LX sessions late last year.

The training initiative is currently accelerating as more Falcon 7X and 900LX/2000LX aircraft enter service. Almost a hundred technicians and mechanics are expected to graduate this year, alone. Close to 40% of trainees over the past 24 months hail from China, reflecting the surging growth of Dassault Falcon in this emerging market.

                            Dassault trainee                   
Wu Jian Ming from Business Aviation Asia and Eloi Dufour, Director, Customer Relations, Dassault Falcon