Denise Wilson launches The Jet Agent consultancy for Citation deals


Denise Wilson, broker and acquisition consultant, has launched The Jet Agent, a company that will provide service and coaching to clients involved in deals of Cessna Citation aircraft.

Wilson, who founded and ran management and charter company Desert Jet for 13 years, will serve as president of The Jet Agent. She previously led the Citation M2, CJ3 and CJ3+ pre-owned jet acquisition and sales at jetAVIVA as its sales director and acquisition consultant.

“We want to disrupt the way buyers and sellers of Citation jet aircraft are represented,” said Wilson. She said that clients deserve “honest and ethical experts” working on their behalf.

“For buyers, that means becoming an informed jet owner, knowing what it will really cost, how to operate the aircraft safely, how to manage the aircraft and its maintenance schedule and getting the best insurance coverage possible,” she said. “Sellers deserve a broker that can achieve the highest sales prices possible with a smooth process. Inevitably, that means working with a sales broker who can nurture the buyer to the finish line, eliminating the roadblocks that most first-time jet buyers encounter.”

Wilson is a certified aircraft broker with the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) and has earned the status of Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) through the NBAA. She sold Desert Jet in 2020 to co-owner James McCool.

Earlier today, Gama Aviation’s maintenance company Jet East appointed Mark Daniels as product director for Cessna Citation jets.