DC Aviation receives ETOPS 180 approval


Company receives ETOPS 180 certification approval for ACJ319 fleet

Airbus ACJ319DC
Aviation has received an upgraded approval from the German Federal Aviation
Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt/LBA), it has been granted Extended-range
Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards (ETOPS): With immediate effect, the
ACJ319 VVIP fleet can also fly on routes on which the nearest airport at every
point in the route can be reached in up to 180 minutes.  Previously, only a range of 120 minutes was

On a
long-distance flight from London to Barbados,
for example, the flight time is shorted by an hour, since a more direct route
can be flown. By flying these more
direct routes fuel consumption could drop by up to two tons, saving time and financial expense. The approval was
preceded by a thorough testing procedure through the LBA.

180 minute rule also applies to most of the other business jets of DC Aviation.