Davinci Jets renews their WYVERN Wingman


Charlotte, NC – Davinci Jets recently renewed its designation of WYVERN Wingman Certified Operator by maintaining Wingman status.  The WYVERN Wingman Standard, the first air charter audit standard in the aviation industry, provides a safety benchmark that allows air charter customers to assess performance expectations against recognised industry best operating practices before purchasing air charter services.

“I want to thank WYVERN and our team for their time and expertise during the Audit. Since 2009 Davinci Jets has partnered with WYVERN to maintain a growing Safety Management System which complemented our operational growth.  With Safety as a core value, we can look forward to challenges, confident in our foundation.” said Eric Legvold, CEO Davinci Jets.

WYVERN Wingman Operators are evaluated by the Wingman Standard criteria. The scope of the evaluation includes an assessment of operational activities, review on the company operational history and safety records, Safety Management System (SMS), internal evaluation program, administrative compositions, technical documentation, pilot and aircraft records, training requirements, and maintenance operations including technician training and experience.

“WYVERN celebrates Davinci Jets’ achievement. Successful completion of the Wingman audit is proof that their leadership has identified safety as a core value and their team embraces excellence at all levels.” said Sonnie Bates, Wyvern CEO.