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David Hernandez is an ex-US air force officer who now specialises in aviation finance for Vedder Price legal firm.

LEADING LAWYER DIRECTORY – David Hernandez, Vedder Price

David Hernandez is an ex-US air force officer who now specialises in aviation finance for Vedder Price legal firm.

David Hernandez


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David’s advice

“It is imperative to understand the deal terms and the other party’s interests and vulnerabilities. It’s always best to be as objective as possible and focused on reaching the best possible deal without compromising the key objectives the client had at the beginning of the deal. Never misrepresent the facts or express a client’s willingness to compromise critical issues simply to get the deal done.”


“I’m a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and I was a US Air Force Officer, so I have had an interest in aviation for some time. After law school, I continued to pursue my interest at the US Department of Transportation and later at the Federal Aviation Administration. I think aviation is interesting because it is such an integral part of society and commerce.”

Official biography

David M. Hernandez is a Shareholder at Vedder Price and a member of the firm’s Global Transportation Finance team. Mr. Hernandez has considerable experience assisting clients with complex government investigations, aircraft and part certifications, and enforcement matters (FAA and DOT violations, export controls, hazardous materials and drug/alcohol testing). He represents a wide variety of clients, including some of the largest aerospace manufacturers and suppliers, airlines, defense contractors, airports, corporate flight departments, charter operators, Fortune 500 companies and high-net-worth individuals. Mr. Hernandez also advises clients on aircraft purchase/sale agreements, fractional program documents, aircraft management agreements, business aircraft use policies, cross-border transactions, personal use of company aircraft and aircraft use agreements to ensure compliance with FAA, SEC and IRS regulations. He routinely handles matters involving the following agencies: FAA, DOT, TSA, DHS, FTC, NTSB, SEC, IRS, CBP, ICE and the US Department of State.

Prior to joining Vedder Price, Mr. Hernandez was a Prosecutor at the FAA as well as an Honors Attorney for the US Department of Transportation. He also served in the Office of the Counsel to the President during the Clinton administration and was a Captain in the US Air Force.